Electric and Magnetic Fields in the Body

The body generates electrical and magnetic fields. That idea has been taught in Eastern traditions for thousands of years. Western traditions have always held to the idea that “if I can’t see it then it doesn’t exist”. Fortunately western science is now getting sophisticated enough that we can now measure these fields.

It turns out that the major systems of the body each generate their own fields that can be measured independently.  The first energy that medicine was able to detect were the electrical fields generated by the heart and brain.  This gave rise to the electrocardiogram to measure the heart’s electrical field, and the electroencephalogram to measure the brain’s field.  These are pretty common now but they have a rather significant problem.  The electrical field gets distorted as it passes through other tissues.  For example, the brain’s electrical field gets distorted as it passes through the dural tissue, skull, and scalp.

The solution is to measure the system’s magnetic field,  which does not get distorted.  Science has developed equipment that can measure the much weaker magnetic signals.  For the heart and the brain they are they magnetocardiogram and magnetoencephalogram.  Another benefit of these technologies is that they don’t require skin contact like the electrical counterparts do.

The heart produces the strongest fields,  followed by those generated by muscle contractions, brain function, and sensory responses.  That sensory responses generate measurable electrical and magnetic fields is interesting.  Just by seeing this page, your retinas generate a measurable electrical and magnetic response.

So, what does this mean for wellness?  I’m reading information that says that the body’s  systems effect each other through the energies that they generate.  I’m really interested in finding research that shows that we can help the body heal by applying external energies, such as magnetic and far-infrared, to balance and tune these fields that we can now measure.

If you want to read this information yourself, it is coming from Energy Medicine: The Scientific Basis by James L. Oschman.

Wayne Woodworth
So psyched by this energy medicine that you can probably measure it.

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