Alkaline Water vs Distilled Water

I have been taught over the past few years that alkaline water is better for the body than distilled water.  With all of the acid that is in the western diet it has become very important to get more alkaline substances into our bodies whenever possible, and alkaline water is a great way to do that.  The problem with distilled water is that is is completely neutral (7.0 pH) and will actually leech out nutrients from your body.

With that said, this past weekend I heard the best argument for distilled water I have ever heard.  Jeff, a qigong instructor, promotes drinking distilled water and backed up his belief with good reasons.  He acknowledged that distilled water will leech minerals out of your body but he said that it will also draw out toxins as well.  Jeff promotes a very nutritious diet full of fruits and vegetables and very little of the acidic foods that most of us eat.  In that context he believes that the benefits of drinking distilled water (removing toxins) outweighs the drawbacks (removing nutrients).

So, I have changed my stance on the alkaline water vs. distilled water issue a little.  For most people, alkaline water is still the best.  Most people eat a highly acidic diet full of empty calories.  They can’t afford to lose the nutrients that distilled water takes out and they need the pH balancing that alkaline water can give them.  Distilled water is a good choice for people who already eat a nutritious diet full of alkaline foods.  The distilled water will draw out the toxins that they don’t need and they are taking in so many nutrients that they won’t miss what the distilled water takes.

Wayne Woodworth
Still learning the best way to stay healthy

PS. Here’s the alkaline water filter that I use.

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5 Responses to Alkaline Water vs Distilled Water

  1. Nadine says:

    Good points, Wayne! I think drinking distilled water occasionally is a good idea, but still the benefits of alkaline water for an everyday beverage outweighs the benefits of distilled, in my opinion. Cheers to filtered, mineralized, energetic water!

  2. Ilka Flood says:

    Hmmm, that’s very interesting, Wayne! I actually use “IsaWater” drops that alkalize the water. You always learn something new, don’t you?

    Thanks for sharing your insights!


  3. Jacques Laxale says:

    Great points Wayne, it seems a little of distilled water is a great cleanser, what about putting a little of bi-carbonate powder in the distilled water would’nt that turn it alkaline and make it even more beneficial?

    • Hi Jacques. I guess that could work to make the water alkaline but it may reduce the distilled water’s ability to remove toxins from the body. Pure water wants to dissolve something, which is why it will remove toxins and nutrients from the body. Alkaline water already has something dissolved in it, whether that is minerals or bicarbonate, so it doesn’t work as such a strong solvent.

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