How to Lose Weight and Keep the Muscle

Healthy Weight LossIt is a common problem for people on a weight-loss diet to lose muscle mass that they want to keep along with the fat that they want to lose. When you go on a diet you limit your calorie intake in hopes that the body will then turn to its fat stores for the energy needed to get through the day. The problem is that most dieters also end up reducing the consumption of materials needed to preserve their muscle mass. In the end, even though they lost weight, they don’t feel better and end up regaining the weight.

If you have tried to lose weight then maybe you have experienced this too. If so, then you may be interested in learning how to lose weight but keep the lean muscle mass.

The secret is an amino acid called leucine.

What is Leucine?

Leucine is a essential amino acid. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, so we usually get them by eating protein-rich foods. “Essential” means that our bodies cannot manufacture it, so we have to get it through our diet. Great sources for leucine are whey protein, pea protein and to a lesser degree, soy protein.

Once consumed, leucine tells the body to manufacture the proteins that build muscle mass as well as being a component of the proteins that make up muscle tissue. This is why body builders have so much success from eating protein shakes after a workout to build their muscular definition.

More importantly for us, leucine also helps, apparently more than anything else, to prevent loss of muscle mass for people watching their diets to lose weight. Some studies have shown that increased leucine in your diet can also help you burn fat and regulate your blood sugar, both of which are big benefits when trying to lose weight.

Where to Get Leucine for Weight Loss

As I already said, higher concentrations of leucine can be found in pea and whey protein and a little bit less in soy protein. With that in mind, finding a good weight loss protein shake mix that contains whey or pea protein could be a great source for leucine. You could also do well with a soy protein shake mix if it has an additional amount of leucine added.

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