Health versus Wellness

There has always been a battle between traditional western medicine and so-called alternative approaches to wellness. The most traditional on the one side say that alternative methods (like massage or energy work) might feel nice but they don’t do anything. The more radical on the other side say that doctors only know what the drug companies teach them.

Before I go any farther, I need to tell you that I am a massage therapist and I am very interested in energy work. I have friends who are doctors and I believe in their desire to do good. Western medicine is excellent when it comes to critical life and death situations, such as stitching you back together again after an accident or something. I think their education is lacking when it comes to everyday health, or wellness. Now I know why and I am going to share that with you.

Back in the 1800s there were three scientists with three theories as to the cause of disease. Everyone knows the name of Louis Pasteur but few people have probably heard of Antoine Bechamp or Claude Bernard.

Louis Pasteur pushed the idea that disease is caused by germs.  As you well know, his ideas won out and now we have all sorts of drugs to deal specifically with bacteria and viruses.  We also have things like antibacterial soap to wash our hands, Lysol to kill anything that might be moving on the counter-top, and chlorine to kill your water.  I don’t need to go further into his theories because we live them everyday.

Antoine Bechamp promoted the theory of pleomorphism. He held the view that microorganisms can go through different stages of development and they can evolve into various growth forms within their life cycle.  More simply put, cells can change and become germs which cause disease.

Claude Bernard also believed that microbes can change and further stated that it is the environment that the microbe is in that causes the change.  So, according to Bernard, the environment in our bodies is the cause of all disease, not the microbes themselves.  This is the basis of the wellness field.  Massage, chiropractic, energy healing, sound healing, meditation, you name it, the focus is on improving the environment inside the body.

The thing that you don’t hear about is that Louis Pasteur, before he died, admitted that Claude Bernard was right all along.  Germs don’t matter.  The environment is what’s important.

This gives you a new perspective on chronic conditions like cancer, autism, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimers and other similar disorders .  I’m not a doctor, but take a step back and look at any health problems you may have and think about them from the environment perspective.  Maybe we really are responsible for our own health.

This is why it is important to drink good water, get a great night’s sleep, get enough exercise, meditate, take time for yourself, alkalize your body and all those other things that therapists and healers tell you to do.

I won’t cheapen this with links to products or anything like that because this information is too important.  You can find them if you read my other posts anyway.  I would like your comments though.  What do you think about this?  Let’s start a dialog and see where it goes.

Wayne Woodworth
Wellness Consultant

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