Osteoporosis and Milk

Milk might not be the best thing to drink to deal with osteoporosis.

My wife found this yesterday in one of her nutrition textbooks, Dietary Guidelines, from the Global College of Natural Medicine, 2010

Regrettably, the more dairy one consumes, the weaker bones can become.  It has to do with acidity and alkalinity.  When placed together they neutralize.  The calcium in milk is alkaline while the protein is acidic.  The problem is that there is more acid in the milk than alkaline calcium.  This causes the body to leach more calcium from the bones to combat the acids coming in.  So, unfortunately, those consuming dairy to combat osteoporosis are actually causing the opposite to occur.

Everyone knows that milk is an excellent source of calcium. As far as I know, calcium is the only reason that people drink milk.  It also turns out that milk doesn’t contain enough of the other minerals that the body needs to be able to absorb the calcium even if it was available to us.

I guess that the calcium fortified orange juice I saw at the grocery store is also pointless because orange juice is very acidic.

The best place to get calcium naturally is vegetables. That actually goes for just about any mineral because vegetables are alkaline. Here’s a good list of veggies and their calcium content.

If you want a calcium supplement that contains the necessary minerals to actually use the calcium for something other than making kidney stones, try this one.

If you want something the drink, try water.

Wayne Woodworth
Cow milk is specially formulated for baby cows anyway

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