Are You Tired of Being Sick Yet?

You probably hear almost daily that another one of your friends or co-workers is sick. The media is still pumping up the swine flu even though some medical authorities have said that it has already peaked and has not been the event that it was predicted to be. Personally, I’m tired of hearing about it.

I don’t believe that most people need to get sick, especially not with things like a cold or the flu. None of my immediate family has been sick in over a year, and it isn’t because we live in isolation. I have small kids who go to school every day and are around other sick kids, so they have been “exposed” to whatever is out there, as have my wife and I.

So why don’t we get sick? We do just a few things different than other people. The biggest is that we drink a lot of alkaline water instead of carbonated beverages or coffee.  Other things that we do include taking a good green barley grass supplement, a mushroom based immunity supplement, and make sure that our indoor air is filtered. My kids like taking these supplements too.

Naturally, I can’t guarantee that you will have the same results as we have. It is sure worth giving it a try. Find out more about the water filtration that we use and the  nutritional supplements that we take.

Wayne Woodworth
Nikken Wellness Consultant

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