Matrix Energetics – WOW!

Have you heard of Matrix Energetics? I read the book about 6 months ago and took the 3-day seminar a week ago.  Dr. Richard Bartlett has an interesting story about how Matrix Energetics came about, which he shares in the book. He also describes some of the techniques, which I didn’t really get from the book. I’m a little too left-brained to pick it up from a book. It was enough for me to understand that it is really powerful though, so I looked into the seminar.

I got it at the seminar.  From the outside, the seminar looks a lot like the videos on the Matrix Energetics website. Someone gets up on stage, Dr. Bartlett wiggles his fingers at them and laughs, then the person falls down (there is someone to catch them of course). The basic teaching is to set an intent for change and how to get out of your own way to let it happen. They teach several techniques for distracting your conscious mind so that you can let the change happen.

As a participant in the seminar I can honestly say that it does work. I did find myself sitting on the carpet several times. I don’t know that I felt anything big happen to me, but several other people in the room had some pretty significant experiences. I was also able to allow a shift in a few of the people I worked with at the seminar, which was really cool.

I have played with it since the seminar working on building my belief and opening myself to the experience. In other words, I have caused my wife and kids to fall down in the safety of our home. Mostly I have just been building confidence in my ability to do nothing and allow things to change. That’s really all it is about and it is very powerful in that simplicity.

I think the people who would get the most out of the books (there is a second book out now) and the seminar are either people involved in body work (massage), energy work (Reiki, Pranic Healing), and anyone seriously interested in learning how to get the most from learning how to use the Law of Attraction.

The two books by Dr. Bartlett are Matrix Energetics and The Physics of Miracles. There is also a very good audio program called The Matrix Energetics Experience.

You can find out more about Matrix Energetics and the seminars at the Matrix Energetics website.

Wayne Woodworth
Matrix Energetics Newbie

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2 Responses to Matrix Energetics – WOW!

  1. Lilster says:

    Congratulations Wayne! I attended a ME seminar too after reading the book and watching the seminar and was blown away by everyone there and the experience! While reading your post, the thought hit me…. I can see everyone doing matrix energetics at home and never ever going to a doctor again. Matrix will be the new health care system! Won't that be a magical world!! Thanks for the great thoughts!

  2. Colleen, thanks for commenting on my blog. It would be cool if Matrix Energetics could replace health care. Dr. Bartlett said many times during the seminar that it doesn't replace medicine and that we should use whatever tool is most appropriate at the time. You probably remember that he mentioned morphic fields in the book, and the morphic field around medicine is huge. For me, it does seem to be shifting though. The whole idea of “doing no harm” seems to be going by the wayside. It's great that things like ME have come along to provide other options.

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