Binaural Beats and Brainwave Entrainment

Have you heard about binaural beats and brainwave entrainment? I’ve been hearing a lot about it recently from a variety of sources.

The most recent place I heard about brainwave entrainment was a blog post by Heather Vale Goss. She mentioned an interesting site that has some very cool programs that use entrainment to do things from improving your health and enhancing creativity to learning astral projection and lucid dreaming.

So what is brainwave entrainment?

To understand the value of what entrainment does you need to know about the different brainwave frequencies and when they occur. First is beta, which occurs when you are actively engaged in something. Next is alpha, which occurs when you are relaxed, maybe reading a book or watching a sunset. Then comes theta, a very relaxed state. When you go into theta you aren’t paying any attention to what you are doing and are open to great ideas.  When you take a shower and have a great idea or remember something that you couldn’t before are good examples of theta frequency. The last frequency is delta, which occurs in deep, dreamless sleep.

Researchers found that they can coax the brain into these frequencies with something called binaural beats.  This is brainwave entrainment. What they do is play a sine wave of one frequency in one ear and one of a different frequency in the other ear. The brain then gets entrained to a frequency equal to the difference between the two frequencies playing in your ears.

The first brainwave entrainment program I heard about was Holosync from Bill Harris’ Centerpointe Research Institute. If you have seen The Secret, then you will remember Bill Harris talking about one of his clients named Robert who hated his job and wanted to be a stand-up comedian. Robert was using Holosync. Bill Harris describes Holosync as the lazy man’s way to meditate. He uses binaural beats as I described above to induce meditative states and each subsequent level takes you into deeper and deeper meditative states.  It has a few other cool technologies built in to make the experience even better. I have used Holosync for a few years and highly recommend it. Go to the Holosync website and request the free demo CD.

Wayne Woodworth
Brainwave entrainment is just cool.

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