Reverse Osmosis Systems are Wasteful

I have always heard that reverse osmosis water purification systems are wasteful, but I had no idea how wasteful they really were until today.

I work with a network marketing company that sells water filters among other things, so I decided to do some research about other water filtration systems for your home.  Of course, I’m hoping that when I’m done all of the evidence will say you should buy mine, but I’m trying to keep an open mind about what I find.

I had to share what I found out about how wasteful reverse osmosis systems are.  Did you know that household RO systems are only 5-15% efficient.  That means that up to 95% of the water going into the system goes straight down the drain.  For every 100 gallons of water that goes into the system, you will get 5 to 15 gallons of clean water and the remaining water is flushed down the drain. I was absolutely astounded.

Fortunately, industrial systems, which have higher pressures,  are closer to 48% efficient, which is still terrible, but at least they get almost half of the water to use.

Wayne Woodworth
My gravity water filter is nearly 100% efficient. Sometimes I spill a little. 😉

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