Chemical Interactions in Food Ingredients

I’m with a network marketing company that, among other things, sells a nutritional juice product.  I received an email this morning from my upline that made me think about artificial additives in our food.  Someone had asked our MLM company if they could share the difference between our juice product with the juice product from a competitor.

It turns out that the competitor’s juice, which contains a lot of vitamin C, also contains sodium benzoate as a preservative.  Sodium benzoate can interact with vitamin C and form benzene, an organic solvent that is known to cause cancer and liver damage.

My point here is not to bash the other company and their product, which is why I have not named them, but to point out that we need to be very careful when buying food to really think about added chemicals and how they may react with each other and the food they are added to.  I strongly encourage you to look at organic and all-natural versions of food.  They may be more expensive in the short term but can save you a lot in the long-term.

I saw this quote from Joel Salatin, the founder of Polyface Farms, on Facebook recently. “If you think organic food is expensive, have  you priced cancer lately?”

Wayne Woodworth
Only the good stuff please

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