What You Drink Affects Acid Blood

Do you know someone who has problems with acid blood?  What you drink can have a big impact on your blood pH level.

Why should you care about blood pH?  Our bodies are designed to live happy and healthy in a narrow, slightly alkaline pH range.  If we get much outside of that range we start to get sick, develop chronic problems, and will eventually die if we don’t correct it quickly.

Our bodies will do everything in their power to maintain our pH level.  If the blood is acidic, then it uses certain minerals, like calcium to buffer the acid in the blood, and those minerals are stored in the bones.  So if the body becomes too acidic, and there isn’t enough calcium available in our blood, then the calcium has to come from the bones.  I don’t want to mention specific diseases, but you probably know the one that is caused by not enough calcium in the bones.

There are two solutions to acidic blood.  More calcium and less acid.  I recommend both, and that brings us back to what you drink.  Soft drinks, whether you call them soda, pop, or whatever else, are HIGHLY acidic.  So acidic that I have heard that people use them to clean the terminals on car batteries.  So acidic that they are used to scour the floors in warehouses.  So acidic that it takes about 30 glasses of water to neutralize it.  Don’t worry, I know how hard it is to give these up.  My father used to work for Coke and then he worked for Pepsi.

A lot of bottled water is acidic too.  Not as bad as the sodas but not good when you are looking for something to help you get alkaline.  Reverse osmosis, which is used by most purified bottled waters, leaves the water so pure that it then pulls carbon dioxide out of the air, forming carbonic acid in the water.  Go ahead and test it with a test kit if you don’t believe me.  I was surprised the first time I did it.  A good water filter with mineral rocks will clean the water and put enough minerals in it to make it alkaline and taste good.  It will also save you a fortune by not buying soda and bottled water.

Raw veggies will help you alkalize too.

Wayne Woodworth
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I can also recommend a quality, tested bone density supplement and a calcium supplement.

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor.  I don’t claim to know everything.  I don’t diagnose problems or prescribe remedies.  Consult your doctor if you think you’ve got a serious problem or before you make any radical changes to your diet.

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