The Benefits of Good Nutrition

Do you know the benefits of good nutrition?  You already know that too much of the wrong foods will make you gain weight, which can lead to a lot of chronic diseases.  Proper nutrition will help you to stay fit and healthy with plenty of energy to do the things you want to do.  Good nutrition goes deeper though.

Do you remember when your mother told you that you are what you eat?  It turns out that she was right.  Did you know that your entire skin is replaced within about a month?  In addition to providing you with the calories to do your daily activities, the nutrition that you take in every day is what your body uses to continuously rebuild itself.

Suppose that you are building a house.  If you used low-grade materials you know that you that you won’t end up with a very sturdy house, right?  So why provide your body with low-grade materials for it to rebuild itself? It needs the best possible materials to build a strong, healthy body for you to live in.  The real, long-term importance of good nutrition: to provide your body with the best quality building material for it to continuously regenerate itself.  And the long-term benefits of good nutrition are that you have a strong body that can function efficiently well into “old age”.

Here are some more timeframes I have found or heard.  Ten million cells are replaced every second.  The stomach lining is regenerated weekly.  Your skin is replaced about once a month.  It takes about 6 weeks to replace your liver.  About every 3 months you have a completely new skeleton.  And finally, every seven years or so every cell in your body is replaced.  That’s right, you are physically never more than seven years old.  Changes your perspective on “old age”, doesn’t it?

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